Work Experience: Education

Rutgers Cook College

Have guest lectured for 11 years at the request of Barry Chalofsky for the course he teaches evenings to junior and senior undergraduates on the Cook Campus of Rutgers University. (Dates: April 1993 - Present)

University of Vermont

Performed research experiments for Dr. Etherton's publication supporting the hypothesis that the transport of amino acids across plant cell membranes is by active transport via a proton pump. We used oat colleoptile cells, which were obtained from sprouted seed (in dark), carefully cut the perimeter vascular bundles allowing the removal of the coleoptile. Then very carefully sliced the top of the coleoptile, removing the plant cell wall w/o destroying the plant cell membrane (or plasmalemma), then using glass electrodes (which we made by heating micropipettes and pulling them) with a diameter of less than 1 micron, placed the cells in a special chamber for microscopic examination and fluid exposure, pierced the membrane and measured the electric potentials under differing conditions. We were measuring 60-130 millivolt potentials with 50 mega ohm was very interesting! (Dates: May 1976 - October 1976)

Municipal Department of Recreation

Hired by Burlington's Department of Recreation I ran soccer clinics at various locations in the community during the summer of 1976. I recall working 3-4 afternoons /wk (12-4). I had no assistants, and the children who attended were from 4-17 yrs. old. Often I had as many as 20 participants. It was quite a challenge at times, but very rewarding. (Dates: June 1976 - August 1976)

University of Vermont

Hired by Head of the Department of Botany to complete a microfiche library of prints, specimens, text, and photos for his department. (Dates: June 1975 - April 1976)

Work Experience: Other

Cali Futures LLC

The Cali family is considered one of the leaders in New Jersey real estate. For over a half century, the Calis have lead the industry, anticipating trends and opportunities, and capitalizing on these opportunities to provide first-class homes and class A high quality offices for residents and businesses throughout the state. Typically, Cali Futures develops projects in joint ventures with strategic partners. Most recently Cali Futures completed a single family custom home project in Parsippany, NJ; a Hudson River conduit crossing providing alternatives for fiber, cable and telephone companies looking for competitive more secure crossings than those provided by the Port Authority of NY/NJ; a 162 unit seniors project in Bridgewater, NJ where Cali Futures secured, obtained approvals, and sold the project; a 234 unit mixed senior residential project in Franklin Township, NJ with construction anticipated in early '04. Cali Futures is also exploring projects in New York, Florida, Mississippi, while continuing to pursue development projects in several communities (Clifton, Bridgewater, Woodbridge, West Windsor, Union City, North Bergen, and Trenton) in New Jersey.

Wherever their ventures take them: whether managing a small family business, a construction project, or a multi-billion dollar company, the Cali's foresight, their partnership commitment to their tenants and to quality will continue in the family's tradition. (Dates: July 2001 - Present)

Mack-Cali Realty Corporation

Brant completed twenty years as partner of Cali Associates and Director & Chief Operating Officer of Cali Realty Corporation, which recently merged with the Mack organization. Mack-Cali Realty Corporation is a twenty-eight million s. F. Office REIT. Brant's responsibilities included management, leasing, marketing, development and strategic planning. (See also: Responsibilities & Accountabilities) He has served in positions on the boards of many professional organizations, including Director of the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties and the International Association of Corporate Real Estate Executives, as well as Chairman of the Owners/Developers Council. Brant was appointed to the Governor's Storm Water Council in the early nineties and is currently an active Member of the Regional Plan Association, and Director of the Union County Alliance and the Hudson County Chamber of Commerce. Brant is a long standing member and supporter of many academic societies including American Phytopathological Society, Sigma Xi, Council for Agricultural Science and Technology and the New York Academy of Sciences. He also supports numerous charitable causes, most notably as active Director of Turning Point, Inc. and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Hudson County. (Dates: June 1975 - April 1976)

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Brant Cali, Ph.D.

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