Classroom Management Style

The preferred method of classroom management I intend to practice is an Authoritative style.

I will apply several techniques for better classroom discipline such as setting rules, focusing, direct instruction, monitoring, modeling, non-verbal cuing, environmental control, low-profile intervention, assertive and positive discipline.

My goal in disciplining a student is ultimately to help that student learn how to be self disciplined without shaming them. I can achieve this primarily by setting rules that are reasonable for the students and enforcing them consistently.

I will apply several methods of praise and positive reinforcement, as I believe it is key to a student's self-esteem and behavior.

I am aware of the importance of pre-class procedures and I would require a copy of your school rules and emergency procedures so that I may carry them out diligently to participate in the safety of the students as well as the faculty.

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Brant Cali, Ph.D.

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